V.F.D and the Baudelaires Wiki

Count Olaf is a greedy, desipicable man who adopts the Baudelaires for a short time. They discover his horrible plot to steal the Baudelaire fortune. He has one long, eybrow instead of two and a tattoo of an eye on his ancle. Later the orphans find out that the eye on his ancle secretly has the initals V.F.D hidden in it. After meeting several members of V.F.D the Baudelaire orphans figure out that Olaf used to be a member of V.F.D before the schism. In the final volume he and the Baudelaire orphans wash up on a distant island where Count Olaf suffers an umtimely death at the hands of the deadly fungus the Medusaied Mycelium. He has various disguises, such as:

Stephano: Replaces Gustav and works for Uncle Monty, later kills Monty.

Captian Sham: Pretends to work at a sailboat rental, captures Aunt Josaphine and kills her.

Shirley: Claims to be Shirley a receptionist, works with Dr. Orwell to hypnotize Klaus.

Coach Genghis: Pretends to be a coach and makes the Baudelaire orphans participate in Special Orphan Running Excercises.

Gunta: Discused as an inn auctonieer, auctions the Quagmires off who are hidden in Lot No. 47.

Detective Dupair: Convicts the Baudelaires a murder they did not commit.

Mattathias: Claimed to be the Head of Human Resources at Hiemlech Hospital. Attempts to saw off Violet's head.

Kit Snicket: Pretends to be Kit Snicket by wearing Esme Squalor's dress and putting seaweed over his head for a wig.