Duncan Isadora

Duncan and Isadora

Duncan and Isadora Quagmire are the orphans that the Baudelaires meet in "The Austere Academy". The Quagmire parents left them the famous Quagmire Sapphires, which Count Olaf also thirsts for. Duncan is a reporter and develops a close friendship with Violet over the few weeks they went to the school. Isadora is a poet and specializes in writing couplets. The Quagmires help the Baudelaires finish their schoolwork by disguising themselves as the Baudelaires and participating in the Special Orphan Running Exercises. In the final chapter the Quagmires are kidnapped by Olaf. They meet them again in the 6th book, but fail to rescue them. They reappear in the 7th book in The Villiage of Foul Deveotees. The Baudelaires help them escape to a self sustaining mobile home created by the Baudelaire's guardian, Hector. In the final volume "The End" Kit Snicket informs them that the Quagmires have mysteriously disappeared.
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